Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chic Pop Street Market 4

Organized by Tongue in Chic, Chic Pop Street Market 4 was held at Sunway Giza last Sunday. Squeak Art Asia's spy mouse dropped by for a quick tour.

"Get down from there, mouse!" *hiss*
"Aiyo, you're scaring the girls already. Stop ogling, you're embarrassing me."

As you can see, Cheesecake was already enjoying himself the minute we arrived.

This is a nice Victorian looking basket ride.

Cool notebooks from ilovesnackfood.

A-ha! Found it. Casanova-keju can finally pen down his conquests.

Owls are so in trend now. These miniature ones from The Brollies are the cutest ever. [cute like me]

Cheesecake registering himself for Tongue in Chic updates.

"Hey guys, come register too."

KL Urbanscapes on 26 June 2010. Mark your calendars.


I can be friends with the PMS kokopops but the bow? Aww come on. I look sissy in stripes. For more funky stuff at Take.Me.Crafts

OK tell me this is not cute. Seriously.
They can even custom knit it to your camera size.

Parting greetings courtesy of The Brollies.

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