Sunday, May 30, 2010

Malaysian Youth Festival 2010

Malaysia's largest youth festival with activities in dance, music, shopping, sports and discovery. They say they get about 70,000 visitors to the fair, wow. That's an amazing lot of visitors. Squeak Art Asia's team didnt want to be left out either, so we also went to kaypoh around!

Just got my tickets and one camwhore photo at the entrance to the festival. I feel like Angelina Jolie at Cannes right now, all the cameras are pointed at me. I feel sexy.

This guy, Danial, was like some Energizer Bunny dude. He was holding a placard and smiling like that since 9ish am and when we got out at 3+, there he was with his placard and smile. Awesome.

Looks like a prawn from District 9 got lost and ended up in Kuala Lumpur.

We were excited to stumble upon Jaja Yusof's booth. We are great fans of Yusof Gajah and Jaja's cats are equally as nice!

...Err, there're alot of cats behind me. You think you could hurry up a little on the shot? *cold sweat*

Made some cool friends at 84 Cube's booth.

Another cool artist we met, Azeem from Juzta Art.

Cheesecake wanted to help Panda who looked lost.
It's OK Cheesecake, Panda's fine. =) Artwork from Juzta Art.

'Don't judge a book by it's cover', by Candy Tan (2010)
Promo artwork in Cut Out's booth.

No Cheesecake, NO! That's dangerous.

Do you like this kind of pieces? It's Australian aboriginal art concept reproductions. Click like if you do, let us know.

Community message from Squeak Art.

I'm really liking these studded stuff. Rock squeak!
All items are handmade by Don Chia who is based in Johor.


Pwetty funky colors. I likey! From Lah Lah Land.

These two chicks' got really funky stuff.
Wink-Peace&Pout and Wear Me Over

Wear Me Over's Tagline: ♥Better than your Ex. Better than your next.♥

Saya sukalah. Saya pun suka, sampai beli satu earrings padahal sepatutnya photo-trip only =)

I love their slogan t-shirts. Check out more at their e-gallery.

We got a bubble dress from Klotz. Hehe.

We likey the turquoise hairband from Mynrose....apparently so does a butterfly that won't go away from my ear!

'If you run off again, I'm going to sell you off on this tree.'
'I hate you. Stop taking my photos. I'm NOT looking at you. Go away.'
We had a short spat.

Later that night....
'Where are you, Cheesecake...?'

'Oh there you are.'
....'What do you want?'
'Haven't seen you all evening.'
'I'm still angry at you. That wasn't funny hanging me on that tree.'
'I'm sorry. You must be hungry.'
'I made you a hot Milo and your fav fish biscuits.'
............[something went *tink* in the brain]....'Did you?'

And all's well again with hot Milo in the tummy and biscuit crumbs all over the kitchen floor. Over and out.

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