Friday, December 3, 2010

We are published in KOSMO today!

We are so happy and excited today. Thanks to Ms. Yeo Li Shian who picked up our project for Urban cover story, we have more than 100 new Likes on our page just today! Amazing. Thanks to all our readers and participants for their support as well! You guys are the best.

We have an announcement too: Project Raksasa Doodles submission deadline is now extended another 3 months until 31 March 2011. 

Hopefully we will be able to get more submission and hit our dream target of 1,000 doodles. Wouldn't that be great? 

In the meantime, we are also working hard over at this end trying to secure a sponsor to print all your doodles...and also venue sponsors for the doodle exhibition at the end of the project. If you guys have contacts whom you think might be interested, please email me:

 Read the 'Projek Seni Contengan' online article here.
See all submitted doodles here.