About Us

Squeak Art Asia

Who are we?
We are two sisters who love art and think everyone should have the chance to enjoy affordable art in their lives.
What is Squeak Art’s philosophy?
Art is for everyone. We aim to promote the art of our local talents and to awaken the artist within every one of us. We see art as soul food – it evokes joy, calms the spirit, and when one is restless, provides a contemplative space. You do not need to be an established artist to make it our prints. We want art that reflects the passion and spirit of the artist.
What do we do?
Art print reproductions
We are working with local and Asian artists to make their art assessable to everyone by having limited reprints of their works. We also have our own Squeak Art designs where you can interchange the colours of the design to suit your own personal tastes. 
Premium canvas printing
We provide high quality canvas printing for our clients. Squeak Art Asia uses Giclee printing method that is UV and water resistant which enables the print to last 50 to 75 years (under normal lighting conditions). We go the extra mile for our clients and do not merely print our clients’ submitted art work. This is especially so for children’s artwork where sometimes the paper is crumpled or some of the colour has faded due to exposure to the sun. For such cases, we have our professionals who will use high resolution digital scans and correct the minor imperfections to ensure that the final print is of the highest quality possible. We give value added extras to our clients by advising them on the size of the prints that would work best for their wall size as well as the suggestions on display combinations.
How did you come up with the name Squeak?
Squeak. Sometimes you want to attract attention but quietly. When you hear a squeak, you hear it but you cannot see it. Then you wonder where it is coming from, and what is it.  Apart from our prints, we are also committed in the social art scene where we support or initiate art projects to increase public participation to heighten art appreciation.

Project Doodle Raksasa
Project Doodles Raksasa is our first social art initiative to increase public participation in art in their daily lives. Doodling by definition is under-credited. Doodles can sometimes have a deeper connection to what we really feel and think; because most of the time doodles are drawn from the subconscious.
We want people to see that art appears everywhere around us, that a regular person is artistic in their own way without being an artist.
We hope to grow the amount of doodle contributions to an INSANE AMOUNT. If we do, we will hold a show and feature all contributions.