Monday, May 17, 2010

Pipit Wonderful Market 4

So last Saturday we went to the Pipit Wonderful Market 4 at The Annexe, Central Market to check out what other designers, artists are up to these days. Pretty neat handiwork and great creative energy in a small space.

So exciting, we are here at The Annexe!
Alrighty now, hurry with the photo, it's abit too high up here for a small mouse like me.

Be careful my little aneroxic friend. Don't get trapped by the shoes.

Twah, check this out. Cool caps. Will it keep my little ears warm?

Pretend to take my picture, but focus on that Plasterdoll chick behind me...ooooh, hottie.
For more Plasterdolls.


*can't move* *the eyes...* *please don't touch me*
For more quirky stuff, visit MiniFanFan

Darned! Escaped the crazy marmosets only to be molested by crazy red rabbit!" This is NOT GOOD.
Check out more of Polozei's handmade items here.

Hair-clip-pegs. Someone's into S & M....heyyyy.... it's kinda....niceeeeee. Poleizi's items.

Looking yummy with garnishing. Poleizi's items.

Hanging out with the pricks.
Some cool knit stuff from Mom's Quilt Land

Okay subjects, you can all bow now.
AND I'm gettting that for my bedroom window curtain.

Dog napping of another kind.

Special appearance of Moo the Cow with a community message.

Burppp! Teh tarik & 'kiam-piah' is the best after a tiring day out.

Putting myself in your shoes, maam.

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