Sunday, June 13, 2010

Primetime 2010 UTAR - Art Bazaar

Squeak Art Asia dropped by Primetime 2010 is UTAR’s Graphic Design and Multimedia graduation exhibition & art bazaar.

UTAR students' photographs on display at the exhibition.

UTAR students' portraiture arwork and Cheesecake getting his two seconds of fame at the bulls eye.

"I feel like Indiana Jones escaping from being speared. Ooo such a rush."

Squeak Art Asia supports anti-violence against women.

Graduation work from Esther Teoh.

"I swear I was just LOOKING at your Cube."
......$%^&^&* damn transformers need better anger management man....$%^%&*^&*
(P/S: Cards were finished. Owner of this art installation can contact us if you want to be linked.)

Cat: "Kiss my ass, mouse. Nah."
Installation by Lam Po Yee.

"I like this girl, Bei. I like my new ears!"
"She's my new bestfriend now."

Cool cubes accessories by Iman Rasheed.
Or w:

I really like the elephant with fly's eyes! Panda Love Nana

"Yak-chew aaaah." nom nom nom
Taken from stall of Fuschia Banderole.

"Pssst! Baby Qee, I am your father."
rainbow robot: 'the force is strong in me....raaaarrrrr.'
Customizeable toys from Full Toys.

Wannabe 'Qee-ju' & his new Baby Qee friends.
All from Full Toys.

Pencuri icecream must run faster than this.
Pin buttons from Huhu Bag.

These hand-illustrated envelopes are the quirkiest thing ever. Seriously.
Group designers from Percy Space Otter. Top few designs from Eliot Lee.

CutOut Magazine Cover Vol.1 Issue 2

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