Sunday, June 20, 2010

YTL Eco-Heaven Bazaar (June 2010)

YTL kicked-start Climate Change Week 2010, in the heart of KL City, transforming Lot 10 Shopping Centre into an “Eco Heaven” with a showcase of creative reinventions of various used and recycle materials. Setting an example for its theme “Sustainable Living in the City”, Climate Change Week 2010 seeks to inspire Malaysians via a series of exciting and thought-provoking eco activities that will be held from June 19-27 in Lot 10 Shopping Centre, to show Malaysians how easy it is to go green.

Arrived at TYL's Eco-Heaven Bazaar. These two very lovely girls helped us take a picture with Cheesecake on stage with the recycled backdrop. Love it.

Squeak Art Asia supports reducing usage of plastic bags.

Cheesecake befriends Billy The Plastic Bag.

"I can't breathe. This how turtles drown in polluted waters. Do not throw plastic items irresponsibly! Please."


Epok Epok's recycled cakeboard is cool. Looks like Cheesecake found some distant cousins. Thumbs up to Shahril.

Melsom recycles rice husks into daily household items. Ingenius!

Dura has some pretty funky illustrations. We love it!

Fashionable kitties.

Dura will be selling more of the horoscope range at KLurbanscapes 2010.

Salaam Wanita believes that empowering women with micro-business skills can go a long way to transform any woman into a confident and economically empowered innovator.

Cheesecake taking a photo with his new friend, Penny of Closet Crafty.

Cheesecake: Hi Tree.
Tree: You're on my chair.
Cheesecake: -_-

"Can I buy these please? It's just MY size. Look! Perfect."
From Closet Crafty.

Very lovely cube art made from recycled maple wood. All designed by Penny. But they are not for sale....aww.

The event was also in conjunction with the launching of National Geographic's store in Lot 10.

Ada orang sudah cepat-cepat attached himself to the Nat Geo backpack nak explore the world.

I love Nat Geo!

Out of topic but Jackie Chan has a cafe in Lot 10. (???) One Kung Fu latte please.

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