Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bijou Bazaar & Art For Grabs (The Annexe)

Bijou Bazaar & Art for Grabs was really fun. We were in a super rushed and didn't managed to take many photos. But here are some anyway!

Squeak Art Asia's team arrived at MAP Solaris Dutamas for Bijou Bazaar. Looks like somebody's boyfren was super exhausted from helping out in the kitchen the night before. There was a big box of cupcakes next to him.

Kay-poh. People sleeping, Cheesecake also wants to power nap. This mouse is too much sometimes.

Uber cool from Emmet Garage Sales.

"I am Ringo Starrrrrrrrrrrrr."
Kedai Dot Dot. Link not available.

Teddy Bear looks lost in this photo. Hand sewn felt toys from Yang Moden Stesen.

A crate full of Dolltopias from Little Syam.

Stop monkeying around with the Monkey, Cheesecake!
Knitted dolls from Yippee Store.

A tree full of birdie Dolltopias from Little Syam.
Cheesecake: 'This hanging around thing is getting my on nerves. Seriously.'

Where's Cheesequack?
Mini rubber duckies for sale only at RM1 each from MAP Solaris Dutamas.

OK, out of topic. But I really like the toilet mural at MAP Solaris Dutamas.

Stop & go at Art for Grabs (The Annexe)
Freedom of Information (FOI) Campaign by Centre for Independent Journalism.
Tel. 03-4023 0772

Visitors can write down their opinions on post-its.

No link available.

'Tee hee hee. So many hands! Heheeeee." *giggle*
Artwork at Distro Buku's stall.

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