Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthmark : Chronicles

Squeak Art Asia supporting an old friend in his debut group exhibition! Good stuff.

Birthmark : Chronicles is a collection of inspiration, parables and experiments visualised in a variety of styles and flavour on canvas. Each artist, struggles in his or her own way to express their observations of life, love and their emotional state-of-mind whilst adding their own artistic twists to their discovery.

Birthmark is a group of artists actively engaged, or pursuing a career, in art for over 10 years. This exhibition is the first collaborative showcase for Chee Way, Mikie Yap, Clifford Narcis & Gary Read.

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Clifford Narcis, posed here next to his debut artwork. Congratulations, old friend.
Title: Envy & Pride (mixed media)
Cheesecake has a friend this trip. Baby Bea!
Artist: Clifford Narcis
Title: Trifekta (mixed media)
Artist: Clifford Narcis
Title left: Unforgiven (mixed media)
Title right: Forgiven (mixed media)
Mikie Yap & her artwork from the series 'I See You, See Me'.
Who doesn't have them? Even babies do.
Artist: Gary Read
Title: Secrets (acrylic on canvas)
Cheesecake, up on the wall.
Artist: Mikie Yap
Title: Up In The Clouds (mixed media)
Artist: Mikie Yap
Title: I Dream A Little Dream (mixed media)
Add capArtist: Mikie Yap
Title: Undisturbed (mixed mediation
Baby Bea's first art exhibition. She is loving the experience.
Artist: Gary Read
Title: Hope (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Gary Read
Title: Bitter Memories (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Gary Read
Title: Seeing Jealousy (acrylic on canvas)

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